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Updated: June 12, 2007

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Main Topic Areas:

          Draganflyer for Aerial Video and Photos

          Amateur Radio Operation and Weak Signal Detection by FFTDSP Software

          Astrophotography and Image Processing


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Draganflyer for Aerial Video and Photos
Flying the Draganflyer Brushless Conversion and Custom Camera Mount
DFFlying.gif (25000 bytes) Draganflyer Company Link

Example Inside Flight

Example Outside Flight


DFmods.jpg (25000 bytes) Documentation for Brushless Motor Conversion

Demo Video with 21oz Payload

Foam Camera Mount Rev 2


Aerial Videos Aerial Photos
DFVideos.gif (25000 bytes)


First Pouch Flight

All Foam Design Rev 1 Flight

All Foam Design Rev 2 Flight


DFPhotos.gif (25000 bytes) High Resolution Photos taken at 100+ feet


Amateur Radio Operation and Weak Signal Detection by FFTDSP software
FFTDSP Software FFTDSP Applications
ad95x9.gif (9687 bytes) See Weak Radio Signals with PC

Software Features

Typical Displays of EME  Signals

Download Area

examples.gif (14388 bytes) Integrated WWV Example

Minimum Signal Detection Level

Lunar Prospector Detection

EME Channel Characteristics Tests

EME Diversity Tests


MoonBounce (EME) Operation Detection of Mars Global Surveyor
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EME Operation and Nets

Skd87 EME Scheduling Program & vhfsched.skd

Current EME Antenna Array

Typical EME Audio Recording

WIN $100 - Identify the WEAK EME station in the UNKN422 Audio File

mgsall.jpg (12742 bytes) Calculations for Expected Receive Signal Levels

Unique Helix Antenna Design

MGS Detected with Two 5 Foot Helix Antennas

FFTDSP Plots showing Spacecraft Rotation

Astrophotography and Image Processing
Astro Equipment Film Astrophotos
equip.jpg (13245 bytes) Astro-Physics 130mm EDFS F6 Starfire Telescope

Astro-Physics 600E GoTo  Mount & SBIG STV Autoguider

ST-10 CCD & CFW8 Color Wheel

Nikon F2 Camera & DW-2

aphotos.jpg (10938 bytes) Galaxies


Star Clusters

Planetary Nebula

Early Barn Door Photos


Image Processing & Film Tests CCD Astrophotos
process.jpg (13969 bytes) Test of Tokai Light Pollution Filter

Grain Reduction Processing

M31 Multi-Sectioned Composite

M13 Image Processing Example using Picture Window Software

Film Test Results using M27 as Test Reference 

ccdphotos.jpg (17038 bytes) Nebula





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