M78 (NGC2064 2067 & 2068) HaRGB

m78.jpg (200 kbytes)


M78 (NGC2064 2067 & 2068) HaRGB

This image shows a combination of reflection nebula surrounding M78 as well as the
edge of the emission nebula known as Bernard's Loop (Sh2-276)



AP-130 at F/5.4 (700mm) and AP 600 GoTo Mount with STV on AP 80mmGuidescope
Exposure: 8 x 30 mins Custom Scientific Ha Filter & ST-10 CCD
Red = 9 x 15 mins, Green = 10 x 10 mins, Blue= 9 x 15 mins CFW-8 & ST-10 CCD
IDAS light pollution filter used with all RGB exposures.
Tracking: Average FWHM = 3 arcsec
Location: My Driveway (Huntertown, IN),   Moderate Light Pollution
Date: Dec 2001
Processing: CCDsoft5 and RoboFocus for acquistion
MaxIM and PhotoShop for processing
HaRGB Process (Details)  and Grain Reduction using Grain Surgery

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