NGC6914 RGB CCD (mouse over image for Tech Pan)

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NGC6914 RGB CCD and Tech Pan Comparison


CCD:  Mike Cook AP-130 at F/5.4 (700mm) and AP 600 GoTo Mount with STV on AP Guidescope

Tech Pan:  Chuck Vaughn AP-130 at F/8

Exposure: CCD:          Red = 3 x 6 mins, Green = 3 x 6 mins, Blue = 3 x 10 mins  CFW-8 & ST-10

TechPan:   Red = 180 mins, Green = 180 mins, Blue = 180 mins

Tracking: Average FWHM = 3 arcsec for CCD
Location: CCD:         My Driveway (Huntertown, IN),   Moderate Light Pollution

TechPan:  Chews Ridge, California

Date: CCD:         Oct 2001

TechPan:   June/July 2000

Processing: CCDsoft5 and RoboFocus for acquisition
MaxIM and PhotoShop for processing
RegiStar for CCD & Tech Pan registration

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