NGC 6939 and NGC 6946

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NGC 6936 and NGC 6946


AP-130 F/6 at F/8 using Nikon 1.4x TC-14 and AP Field Flattener.
AP 600 GoTo Mount with ST-4
Film & Exposure: Three E200 Slide at 80 mins, Two E100SV at 80 min and One E100SV at 30 min
Location: My Driveway (Huntertown, IN),   Moderate Light Pollution
Date: Sept 13 and Oct 5, 1999

Three E200 80min blended

Two E100SV 80 min blended, Masked for 70% with 10R Feather and combined with E200 set at 100% blend

One E100SV 30 min Masked for 50% with 10R Feather and combined with E200/E100 set at 33% blend

Scanned with SprintScan 35+
Levels and color adjusted in Photoshop
Stacked using Multipoint Feature of Picture Window; 10 points typical used
Enhancement of low level light area by Curves
Unsharp 1.3 Radius/8 Threshold
Grain Reduction by 10% Light Mask + 3R Feather and Gaussian Blur of 1R + 47 Threshold
Halos reduced by Circle Marquee/15-5R Feather/Level Reduction
Reapplication of Curves and Grain Reduction of 50% Light, 1R Feather and Gaussian Blur of 2R + 28 Threshold

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