Detection of Mars Global Surveyor Radio Beacon


Antenna Model of a 10 Foot Helix for the Mars Observer

Here are photos and an analysis of a 10 Foot Helix Antenna for possible use in the Mars Observer detection experiments:

Helix Model Details

MGS Detected ! Here are the FFTDSP plots from just two 5 ft Helix Antennas

Here's the FFTDSP spectrograms of MGS for the initial CW Mode at 1413 on Nov 25, 1996 using just two 5 foot Helix antennas:

Helix Model Details

Receive Tests at -171, -173 dBm and -179 dBm for the Mars Global Surveyor

Here's the result of some receive tests to determine the minimum signal detection capablity of the FFTDSP program relative to it's potential use to detect the Mars Observer (MGS). Information on what MGS is all about is available at: Mars Global Surveyor Home Page

MGS Rx Tests Details

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