Rosette Nebula  NGC 2237 (Close up View)

rosette.jpg (120 kbytes)


Rosette Nebula  NGC 2237 (Click for Wide View)


AP-130 at F/8 using Nikon 1.4x TC-14 and AP Field Flattener.
AP 600 GoTo Mount with ST-4
Film & Exposure: E200 90 min and 30 min exposure using Tokai LPF Filter 
Location: My Driveway (Huntertown, IN),   Moderate Light Pollution
Date: Dec 10, 1999
Processing: Scanned with SprintScan 35+   (Unprocessed 90min exposure)
Levels and color adjusted in Photoshop
Stacked using Multipoint Feature of Picture Window;  25 points used
Enhancement of low level light area by Curves
Grain reduction by light masking and gaussian blur  (Technique)

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