Veil Nebula in RGB/HOT color space (mouse over image for HOT only)


Veil Nebula in RGB/HOT color


AP-130 at F/5.4 (700mm) and AP 600 GoTo Mount with STV on AP Guidescope
Exposure: ST-10 with CFW-8 and extra filter drawer

RGB: Red = 6 x 6 mins, Green = 6 x 6 mins, Blue = 6 x 10 mins

HOT: Ha Red = 3 x 30mins, OIII Green = 1 x 30 mins, Hb Blue = 1x30 mins

IDAS Narrow-Band Nebula Filter (NBN-PV48) used in combination with SBIG filters to produce
OIII Green and Hb Blue for HOT color space image.

Tracking: Average FWHM = 3 arcsec for CCD
Location: My Driveway (Huntertown, IN),   Moderate Light Pollution
Date: Nov 2001
Processing: CCDsoft5 and RoboFocus for acquisition
MaxIM and PhotoShop for processing
RegiStar for registration
Normal RGB image used as base

HOT color space as proposed by by Thor Olson was developed using narrow band filters for
Ha, OIII and Hb.  The HOT image was then used as a 75% Lum Channel and 68% Screen
Channel for the RGB image.  This combination preserved the star colors while enhancing the

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