AF9Y Astrophotography and Image Processing

Astro Equipment Film Astrophotos
equip.jpg (13245 bytes) Astro-Physics 130mm EDFS F6 Starfire Telescope

Astro-Physics 600E GoTo  Mount & SBIG STV Autoguider

ST-10 CCD & CFW8 Color Wheel

Nikon F2 Camera & DW-2

aphotos.jpg (10938 bytes) Galaxies


Star Clusters

Planetary Nebula

Early Barn Door Photos


Image Processing & Film Tests CCD Astrophotos
process.jpg (13969 bytes) Test of Tokai Light Pollution Filter

Grain Reduction Processing

M31 Multi-Sectioned Composite

M13 Image Processing Example using Picture Window Software

Film Test Results using M27 as Test Reference 

ccdphotos.jpg (17038 bytes) Nebula






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