Film Comparison using M27 Dumbbell Nebula

All M27 1010 by 840 jpg6.jpg (349254 bytes)


- All taken with Astro Physics 130mm F/6 with AP 2x Barlow for the F12 shots

- Location was my driveway with M27 approx 60 degrees above horizon. Milky Way visible

- Fuji 100 was Reala; Fuji 400 and 800 were Super G+.  RG is short for Royal Gold.  

- All were scanned by the HP Photosmart Scanner with Vuesmart 10 bit/color mode

- Alignment and cropping done in Picture Window

- A common Photoshop 48 bit process procedure was used for each image:

  • Auto Level
  • Black Point set to RGB of 5/15/25

combo8.jpg (75464 bytes)

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