Example of Multipoint Tri-Color Registration

final3.jpg (205318 bytes)

Veil Nebula by Robert Bickel


Robert Bickel's 8" Homemade Newtonian.  Roberts's webpage
Film & Exposure: Red, Green and Blue filtered images on Tech Pan 2415
Other Info: Images provided by Chuck Vaughn as an example of a registration challenge
Stacked using Multipoint Feature of Picture Window
30 Points Registration using the default Hardy Method with R=0.2
Levels adjusted in PhotoShop 5.0


Closeup 1:1 Comparisons of 2 Point vs 30 Point Registration

    2 Point - Shift/Rotate/Scale

    30 Point Hardy Registration with R=0.2

final3b.jpg (208163 bytes)
    The above comparison shows the dramatic improvement offered by Picture Window multipoint stacking.  This Veil Nebula example had non-linear distortion which varied across the frame for each of the three images.   Non-linear variation also exists in low cost scanners which has been the primary inhibitor to high quality image stacking.

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